ESTACA is a 5 year engineering school program specialized in transportation. We all are from the spatial branch and we studied general launchers designing courses. Subjects are diversified : liquid and solid propulsion, architectural designing, general efforts, guidance, navigation and control, spatial mechanics, aerodynamic... The general courses give us many engineering knowledge too: thermodynamic, acoustics, numeric simulations, CAD modeling, hydraulic... and more generally, project management.

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines campus

Aurora : an academic project

Each year, ESTACA students are part of a project linked to their specialization. Aurora is one of this project, and it is also a final year project. Indeed, this 5th year ends ESTACA engineering courses with a six month internship starting in mid February. Aurora is divided in two main subject, (motor and testing bench) and followed by two tutors. One is a researcher who teaches in ESTACA school, and the other one is from the professional world. The projet will end with a detailled report and a presentation in front of a jury.

Each members of the team has made significant project last years: conception of experimental rockets, validation of a solid propulsor conception, pre-project of a 3 stage rocket... These projects gave us many theoretical knowledges, manual technics (conception and assembling), and human skills (projet management and relations with companies).

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