ESTACA Space Odyssey is the student association for Estaca's space students. It gathers passionated students who whould like to use practically their abilities. This association aims to promote spatial sector to engineering students and also a larger public. Recently, the association celebrated its 25 years with more than one hundred of members during this past years. Some projects were made like 0-G flight experience, supersonic rocket, or two-staged rocket. Student engaged in this association have the willingness to develop knowledge in mechanics, electronics and get the experience of launching rockets.

Ballon stratosphérique
Fusex avec annulation de roulis - AERIS II - 2018-2019
Fusex supersonique - ECLIPSS 2018-2019
Sortie de rampe d'une fusex

Aurora : an associative project

Each year, several types of projects are led by students : conception and production of small rockets, experimental rockets or air-balloon. These projects are launched either during year either at the end during "C'Space", an event for associations as ESO, everywhere in France, and also in Europ, organized by Planète-Sciences.

Aurora is the first ESO's project about liquid propulsion. In the future, studies done during this project will be used by others project like rocket-probes.

To associated Aurora with ESO allows members to use mechanic and electronic tools, to get some experience from other members, should they be older students and now engineers or active ones in the school. It is also important to integrate a community well-known in ESTACA and to reach as many students as possible.

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